—White silver is for blackest days
So save up your money well
—And one who lacks for daily needs
What should he do teacher, pray tell?

—Our elders often said to us
Drop by drop one makes a lake
—But about this lake, please teacher say
How long does the making take

—He who can't do with little can never find a lot
So we should learn to get along with no more than a jot.
—Then you might have also said that one will surely find
In a body of diminished health, a less than healthy mind.

—A tree bends down when it is green
Get this proverb by heart just so.
—But it suits a man to be standing tall
You said just a moment ago.

—Happiness is the end of patience
For us to know patience is fine
—But what if the rock of patience
One day cracks, oh teacher mine?